Roadmap Update — January 2022

3 min readJan 31, 2022

What a beginning to 2022 this has been! We started the month off by having our CPS proposal approved by ICON Public Representatives.

The Contribution Proposal System (CPS) is a decentralized grant program that supports developers and teams wanting to build on the ICON blockchain. We highly encourage teams to look into this grant programme here:

The CPS grant kickstarted our development roadmap and we haven’t looked back since. Here’s an overview of our progress so far.

App design

Our design team has been hard at work developing light and dark modes for our user interface as well as a mobile friendly version. A few snapshots below.

Smart contracts

Core Layer

The Core Layer consisting of the Convexus Pool and Factory that implements most of the basic features, such as swaps and liquidity management, is entirely built and tested with hundreds of unit tests with a >95% code coverage.

We’re currently writing all the documentation needed for the front-end integration, which also will be useful for developers willing to build on top of Convexus.

Periphery Layer

The Periphery Layer including the advanced features such as smart routing, the CXS token, the staking and governance mechanisms, is currently being built and tested.

We have setup a custom ICON network dedicated for our development team. We will deploy the Core Layer contracts on it during the next month and start the integration.


We are initiating development of the front-end code at the same time as the deployment of our custom ICON network. The Core Layer documentation will need to be finalized in order to fully initiate the integration during February 2022.

What to look forward to next

We will be launching our shiny new Discord server and our promotional website. Keep your eyes peeled. That’s a wrap!




Automated market maker with concentrated liquidity on the ICON blockchain.